all around the
       entire world,

                     THE MYSTERY 
              is about    
         to begin…   

In the Spring of 2014, the United States is amid economic good times.  And, Allanna and Tom MacKay—
a school teacher and a CPA—are thrilled, learning they are pregnant with their first child after having struggled for years with infertility.  But the MacKays and the rest of the world are about to live through a phenomenon that is illogical and unprecedented:  Abruptly nearly all women everywhere of child bearing age find themselves unable to conceive.

        When birthrates plummet by 99%, people worldwide are starting to panic—and are demanding big answers.
In the U.S., the Pandemic Project is established—bringing together the best from the science and medical communities to battle the worldwide fertility breakdown.

        At the onset of all this, the conflict over legalized abortion in America has escalated following an overwhelmingly violent incident in a southern city. 
While in a nation on the coast of Africa, a military dictator has overtaken the government and genocide is underway.  U.S. ambassador Wik Isaac—abhorred at what he is seeing—returns to Washington to personally plead the case for intervention.  But, the ambassador has mistakenly discounted the political influence of his biggest adversaries—American corporations who maintain expensive manufacturing operations in the African country, businesses who won't tolerate a disruption of the profitable status quo. 

        And, suddenly, because of the global birth crisis,
the sanctity of life issues are completely redefined. 
The value of a human life—following  the law of supply and demand—soars. 

        In reward, we are graphic witnesses inside the procedure room of an abortion clinic.  And in reward, we share the joy of what many may have traditionally taken for granted—the moment of birth of a healthy baby.

        We also enter the Oval Office and watch a desperate president, her popularity faltering as she attempts to grapple with the new moral code.  Her hope for salvaging re-election hinges upon the outcome of the ongoing race for a medical breakthrough.

        The novel reward is about human sexuality and relationships, and ultimately all about the very newest links in our family chains:  our children.